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Are you a Big Lots customer? We want to hear from you! Take our quick and easy to share your thoughts on our products, services, and overall shopping experience. Your feedback helps us improve so we can continue to be your one-stop shop for all your needs.

To take the survey, you can follow these general steps:

Big Lots Survey At

Take Survey

  1. Visit the website: Go to the official Big Lots website by typing “” in your web browser’s address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Look for the survey: Once you are on the Big Lots website, search for any links or banners related to customer surveys or feedback. Typically, surveys are found on the homepage, in the footer section, or on the “Contact Us” or “Customer Service” pages.
  3. Confirm eligibility: Some surveys may have specific eligibility requirements, such as recent purchase receipt details or age restrictions. Make sure you meet any necessary criteria before proceeding.
  4. Start the survey: Click on the survey link or button to begin. You might be asked to provide some information like your purchase receipt details or store location to verify your recent visit.
  5. Answer the questions: The survey will consist of various questions related to your shopping experience at Big Lots. Provide honest feedback and opinions about your recent visit.
  6. Submit the survey: After completing the survey, click on the “Submit” or “Finish” button to send your responses.
  7. Receive any rewards or discounts (if applicable): Some surveys offer rewards or discounts for participation. If there’s an offer for completing the survey, make sure to follow the instructions to claim it.

If you can’t find the survey on the website or if the survey is no longer available, you can try reaching out to Big Lots’ customer service or inquire at one of their store locations to see if they have any ongoing survey or feedback program. Keep in mind that the availability of the survey may vary, and it’s possible that Big Lots might have made changes to their feedback methods after my last update.